What is that purple stuff in my access?


2TheApex: It’s PermaFlo Purple, a colored flowable composite.

Coronal seal has been shown to be critical in the long-term success of endodontic treatment.  (click on “Coronal Seal” for flagship research on this subject) PermaFlo Purple is a flowable composite that will provide an excellent seal and is easily identifiable for when the Cavit is removed after treatment for the final restoration or if retreatment should needed in the future.  It is useful in teeth that have deep caries or small crack making a coronal seal with Cavit questionable, or in patients that may have difficulty returning for a final restoration within the 30 days recommended following root canal treatment. It is bonded and placed as a thin layer, so does not need to be removed and can be bonded to just like any other composite restoration.


4 thoughts on “What is that purple stuff in my access?

  1. What do you recommend that we place after removing the temp filling? Do you like us to place a product like this before our composite or amalgam?


    • Sarah,

      Great question! I would recommend whatever restorative material you think will establish a good coronal seal, and fit the restorative needs of the tooth. PermaFlo is just a colored flowable composite. It does not have any special characteristics, aside from its color, and is by no means necessary before you’d place your restoration of choice. It can be useful for us in cases where reaccess of the chamber is needed (i.e. retreatment), and is hopefully easily visible to you after the cotton and Cavit come out, but I would not expect you to place it routinely. I feel it can be a little something extra to help make sure our treatment is sealed for time it takes the patient to get back to you. They don’t always get back to see you when recommended, and there may be some cases that are difficult to seal with just Cavit. Thanks for checking out the blog!


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